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A b o u t

Nat, the designer:  Some people's lives are not all petals; however, Nat is. She grew up introduced to the world of flowers. Ever since she was a little girl, she had always a  fond love of flowers and bouquets--those two things always drew her attention and left a smile on her face.


After graduating with a Masters degree from the School of Hospitality Management and working toward her education, for many years, she decided to put her career in Hotel Management aside as she wanted to go back to her passion - Floral Design. She followed her dream by choosing to enroll in Universal Flower Arrangement School, the No. 1 flower arrangement school of the Southeast in Asia where she learned everything about flower designs from basic pattern arrangements to advanced floral designs.


When Nat moved from Thailand (her motherland) to Atlanta, she carried years of floral experience(s) with her. She's been observing and gathering floral preferences while working for Atlanta's No.1 event/catering company. Thus, with her background from Asia and her experiences in USA, she is ready to give Atlanta unique art and design from utilizating nature by incorporating  eastern meets western floral design. By implemening that technique, Bloom Designs by Nat can give you a truley unique, and custom design that nobody else can offer.


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