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Nat, Ornate Events and Designs' lead designer:  Some people's lives are not all petals; however, Nat is. She grew up introduced to the world of flowers. Ever since she was a little girl, she always had loves of flowers and bouquets--those two things always drew her attention and left a smile on her face.

After graduating with a Masters degree from the School of Hospitality Management and working toward her education, for many years, she still remembered how much she fond of flowers and wanted take the next step. She decided to take weeks off from her career in Hotel Management and flew to Thailand and enrolled in Universal Flower Arrangement School, the No. 1 flower arrangement school of the Southeast Asia where she studied the fundamental flower designs from basic pattern arrangements to advanced floral designs.

But she realized the best way to learn floral arrangement and becoming a professional floral designer was to get her hands on. Without any hesitation, she was willing to work hard as she puts in over 70  hrs a week working part-time for a local floral shop and an event company while still working full-time as a hotel front desk manager. 


After years of working for others and helped them succeeded in their businesses, she decided to take her knowledge and design skills to another level. That was how Ornate Events and Designs began to serve brides and clients all over Atlanta and Metro area. 



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